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Full text of "FOIA: Welch To Dr Lacey On Zionism 2 9 61"

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February 10, 1961 
(Dictated February 9. 1961) 


sr. Lawrence A.., Lacey 
2003 Winnebago Street 
Madison 4, Wisconsin 

Dear Dr. L*acey: 

During each month I edit, and write a lot of the copy for, the magazine, 
AMERICAN OPINION* which runs from twenty thousand to forty thou earn 
words of editorial content per Issue* Each month I write, with great 
pains, every; wrd ojE the six to ten thousand words of the bulletin of 

T ^MS^#|M^ ; 1 am drying toy best to keep up with all of the 
hMritfnuifeMliMiui^ pains of The John Birch Society which, in 

s come from merely a conception to an 
five employees here in the Home Office, 


. : or both. I have to do a lot of trav^ 

of speeches. Despite every effort of 

,we«c on the Ion 

one, andwering in* 

under the eun. 

asked the very man to whom the ADJL objected 
erwin Hart) to go on mjr Committee of Endorsers and he has 
1* your charge Of cowardice against me seems a bit unkind. ; 

Since I own and have read practically every book on the list on Page 2 
of your letter* since I have had, subscribed to, or made contributions 
so as to receive^ evie^ issue -of Conde McGinley»s COMMON SmSE 
—I believe — since; the day the paper was started; since I had sub- 
scribed for years to the paper put out by Robert Williams, and bought 
all of his pamphletsf and since I have read and studied a great deal of 
other material along the same lines, your assumption of my ignorance 
on this subject is not too well founded. 

Dr. Lawrence A. Lacey -2- February 10, 1961 

Since I ana in touch with, and count among my personal frieods, almost 
every one of the leading anti- Communists in America today; since I have' 
also discussed the Communist conspiracy, from many different angles, 
personally with Syagmaa Rhee and Chiang Kai-shek and Chancellor Adenauer 
and Jacques Soustelle and many other leading anti- Communists in other parts 
of the world, and am in constant touch by correspondence with some of the 
ablest and best informed and most courageous writers on the Communist 
conspiracy in other countries j since I pointed out before Castro even came 
to power in Cuba that he was beyond any question an actual Communist agent* 
and did the same with regard to Sukarno years ago, and certainly was the 
first publisher in America to state unequivocally that both the Poznan- Warsaw 
riots and the Hungarian insurrection in 1956 had been provoked by the Com- 
munists for their own purposes and ultimate gains, and since I could fill sever 
pages with similar items which are now a matter of record, under these cir- 
cumstances your alternate charge that I use ridiculous logic with regard to 
the Communist conspiracy or conspirators, and cannot understand it, will 
hardly stand up against the facts. 

All yp.u,are;,rea*l>f paying, Dr. Lacey, is that since I do not agree completely 
withtyou I : -a^:/.el.ttier ai Coward, an ignoramus, or a jackass. And then, be~ 
cause I simply cannot spare the time and energy to write you a volume eat* 
plaihing and ^ef |ttSing nly|ositlon, you imply that it is some kind of a 
crime on my pSrt that rSbtt't do so. 


To me it seems likely, Dr* JLacey, that in 1900 or 1905, at the time of the 
first Russian revolution which was led by Trotsky* or in 1917, or even up 
to the middle %$20*s» the Communist conspiracy was largely a child or at 
least a ward Of the Zionist conspiracy. And for that reason Jews were 
preponderant in tue tojp levels of the Communist hierarchy. But it seems 
equally clear to me th>t by 1937 or l$t&, when Stalin had finally succeeded 
in taking into hie own hands all of the reins of Communist power stretching 
out all over the world, the child had quite largely outgrown the parent *- 
as so often happens in the case of organizations as wall as Individuals* 
There followed a period when the Zionist conspiracy and the Communist 
conspiracy undoubtedly worked closely together* each one hoping and count* 
ing on "using" the other, and coming *ut on top. But it seems equally 
clear to me that today — and that this has been completely *rue for at 
least the past fifteen years — the Communist conspiracy has no\y . 
absorbed into itself so many other leaders and elements, and has so out* 
grown the Zionist conspiracy, that it completely dominates the picture and 
that the Zionist conspiracy has Itself become merely one of the tools of the 
top Communist command* 


From thb point I could go on into a long and needed discussion of the fact 
that there are today entirely too many people calling themselves Jews who 

Dr. Lawrence A. Lacey . -3- February 10. 1961 

high up in the Communist conspiracy, juot as there are too many people 

ing themselves Metaodisti preachers who also are reaUy Communist and 

not Methodists at all. And I could go into a great many other angles of the 
whole subject, all of which are important. But there just isn't time. The 
basic fact is that when an American or a Frenchman or an Indonesian or a 
Catholic or a Protestant or a Jew becomes a Communist, he gives up all 
other loyalties. He is then no longer an American or a Frenchmen or an 
Indonesian, or a Catholic or a Protestant or a Jew at all, despite the fact 
that he will thereafter probably emphasize more than ever before his loyalty 
to one of these political groups or religious groups or both, because it serves 
his criminal purpose to do so. But the Communists themselves, especially 
those stiU calling themselves Jews, have done and will do everything they 
possibly can to have all Jews blamed for their own particular adherence to 
Communism, because J this beautifully serves Communist purposes. And be- 
cause, in the case of the Jews, for historic reasons which I certainly do not 
defend, it is ao very easy to convince so many Americans of a Jewish power 
within the top ranks of the international Communist hierarchy which is 
utterly beyond anything they possess. 

Some years ago, Dr, 1*6$, 1 gave up a very promising business career, 
income, and all chance of ever having any peace or leisure in my life again, 
to fieht the Communist i:ons|»iracy which threatens ever more imminently 
to m^^i^^m&^ the rett of the whole world. Do you think 
that, making thst sacrifice, X wodd deliberately blind myself to the na^tfce 
or identity of the ettemy? I Certainly would not. An* on the other hand I 
am certainly not wiltmg to l^t myseU be distracted, by Communist guile aud 
propaganda, and led ever further into a 

blind alley where i atoiutig|r fighting straw men set up for me, or atthe 

7 • ~ of the conspirators, ^^*P 

. jVSf I 

verv best-only one — - . . . „ , s 

y -■■ - ^ ; ^ r . wn ole world rages on a hundred 

•r the 

fronts all around me ♦ 


Also, despite the factfoat there are too large a percentage of 
Communists and too large a percentage of Communists who are 
utterly unwilling to accept the thinking of those who assume that practically 
all Jews are Communists and vice versa. Nothing could be more ridiculous 
in the light of the actual known facts today, And it so happens that I know or 
have known personally and well such Jews as Alfred Kohlberg and William 
Schlamm and many others who have sacrificed more and shown more personal 
courage in fighting the Communist conspiracy than an awful lot of my anti- 
Communist Gentile friends. For the Communists have been able to infiltrate 
the whole society of Jews so much further, and thus put *» much heavier 
invisible pressures on Jews who oppose them, than in the case of other seg- 
ments of our population, that the Jew who will really light them — as Morrie 
Ryskind does, for instance — deserves much more credit probably than do 
vou and I. And the fact still remains that the vast majority of the ordinary 

Dr. Lawrence A. Lscey • -4- February 10, 1961 

Jews in this country are simply being led by the nose, in believing much of 
what they do and in submitting to many of these pressures, exactly as are 
the huge majority of the American people, non-Jews, who also condemn 

you and myself and other anti- Communists as "crackpots" or worse. 


Frankly, Dr. Lacey, I think that blaming the whole Communist conspiracy 
today , or during the past decade, on the Jews is an extremely dangerous 
over- simplification of our problem, and exactly what the Communists 
(including those who pose as Jews) want us to do. And I simply cannot go 
along with it. . 


RW:th Robert Welch